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Ancient Market.Com has started realizing the need for an e-commerce site that is complete both in types of products and in services to clients and businesses.

We have grown to become a leading online retailer of Hellenic merchandise and memorabilia. We are able to provide these products to you at very substantial savings.

We are also able to serve you with fast delivery and support on your orders. Your orders are processed within 24 hours of it being received, often on the very same day. You have the confidence that you are getting 100% satisfaction.

We are also offering a revolutionary online wholesale/reseller program. Retail shops want to add to their products those very appealling lines we carry. However they usually cannot afford to order on the high minimum quantities and high lead times that those big manufacturers naturally work with. We make it possible by providing significant discounts to those resellers at much lower quantiries and lead times. Wholesalers/Resellers may use the online shopping cart with a special id that is provided with a simple application. Each time an order is placed it is tracked and automatic further discounts are applied towards future purchases. Dropshipment options are also available.

In a parallel effort we are trying to built a large online affiliate network. We offer a trustworthy affiliate program with a 180 day customer return allowance! Real time, full disclosure statistics ensure that we enjoy our affiliate's full trust. At the same time they allow affiliates to get important statistics and information on their links so they may improve their sales. We offer the highest commissions we know of and increase them still based on automatic performance metrics.

Your ordering our items means quality guaranteed, security and absolute privacy of transactions, best price guaranteed ,and efficient time delivery. We have deep knowledge of Internet protocols and E-commerce and are using it towards making a difference in our industry.

We would like our visitors and clients to feel secure when being active in our site. We never share any information you give us. Further, rest assured that the Ancient Market return policy is very friendly to the internet buyer. We understand the trust it takes to order online and we are honoured with your many orders. Our policy for seasonal items is that we always accept:

  • cancellation of an order at any time before its shipping.
  • return of a damaged or not executed as promised order or item with appropriate refund.
  • customer is rensponsible for timely (within 10 days) shipping back an item in a resselable condition .
    Our Privacy Statement related operations are audited

    If you have any comments or questions about our web site and our efforts please send mail to info@AncientMarket.Com and we will answer you back as soon as possible.

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